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How to Improve Your Self Confidence

Do you sometimes look at other people and wish that you were as self-assured and confident? Do you wish you were more confident in everything that you do? 

Whether you lack self-esteem or if you just need some guidance in the right direction, here are some ways to improve your self-confidence. 

Tip #1: Accept Your Limitations

No one is perfect. We all have our weaknesses and limitations. However, you should know that your weaknesses do not define you – they are simply the boundary between what you can and cannot do. There are some things that you simply can’t do – whether you can’t dance, sing, draw, cook, or whatever your weakness is – that’s okay!

The important thing is that you acknowledge your weaknesses and limitations and embrace yourself. Don’t try to push yourself into something you are not. 

Tip #2: Start the Morning Right

Your morning routine sets the tone for your whole day and has the power to start you off in a confident, happy mindset.

So, make sure to start your morning right!

On top of your usual morning routine, include activities that will put you in a positive state of mind. Whether you engage in a short meditation session, read a few positive affirmations, or play upbeat music as you get ready – make sure to incorporate activities that boost your self-confidence before you head out the door.

Tip #3: Make a Self-Love Mantra

Mantras are simple words or phrases repeated, either in your head or out loud, to help you achieve a state of calm or focus. In moments when you are feeling less confident, you can repeat a self-love mantra in your head to help you achieve a positive state of mind.

Yours can be something simple – I can do this or I believe in myself – or something longer and more specific to your unique situation. Write it. Read it. Repeat it. Live it. 

Tip #4: Write Visual Reminders

Now that you have your self-love mantras, make sure to write them down and put them up somewhere visible. Research reveals that self-affirmations can calm your nerves and boost your confidence, so having a visual reminder would definitely be great. For instance, if you are feeling nervous the night before a big job interview, write down why you know that you are the best person for the job – I am ready for this or I have the right skills and knowledge for this position – and stick them on your mirror.

For a confidence boost, make sure to read those statements again in the morning before heading out the door.

Tip #5: Straighten Up

You might have heard that certain power stances (i.e. standing like Super Woman) can instantly boost your self-confidence.

It turns out, you don’t even have to always strike a pose! Another research shows that simply sitting up straight can make you feel more confident than slouching over.

Tip #6: Give Yourself a Hug

You know those warm feelings you get when a friend hugs you?

You can actually trigger that same oxytocin release in yourself through touch. Research shows that stroking, rocking, or squeezing your body when you are nervous can effectively tap into feel-good sensations.

This is a great method, particularly at times when your self-confidence is faltering. 


Building your self-confidence won’t happen overnight; often, it can be a slow and tedious process. You need to be patient with yourself and take one small step at a time. Also, learn to treat yourself the way that you treat others. Practice empathy, allow yourself to make mistakes, and be patient. Over time, you will slowly build yourself into a composed, self-assured individual.

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